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Originally Posted by Jon_di2 View Post
Where do you see the HD4870 being cheaper?

These are closer in price (or same for the Palit one)

but the Superclocked GTX 260 is 274.99 ($5 less then the cheapest 4870)
AND it comes with Free Shipping from Ncix
Unfortunately, we can all look at one price and say "hey look, it is cheaper". If you take a look at our price compare engine you will see that on average the HD4870 is cheaper than the GTX 260 before MIRs.

HD4870 pricing: Canadian Prices: Search Results

GTX 260 pricing: Canadian Prices: Search Results

In addition, before everyone gets bent out of shape I have to remind you that this review was about the BFG GTX 260 and many pricing comments were made in relation to that particular card.
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