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My System Specs


To be fair it's a double tower you linked...
Yes, that is true.
It is also true, that I more like fans, that direct the airflow from top to bottom, to the mainboard VRM components, that scream for any airflow.
But... a 20 degrees of difference?! Against Noctua hi-end heatsink? You gotta be kidding me. Awesome performance from Phanteks! And they seems to continue that amazing job with the cases too... OT/

And of course, a mid tower for aircooling from them will be a interesting move. But the market there is a bit packed and that does not allow for product to stand on top of their competitors w/o coming with serious pricetag, that would deter many. The compromises, the compromises...

This case did not seem to cut any corners at all, hence the pricetag. But it is a very nice case.
I like the white style of the NZXT Phantom 530 more, to be honest, but that is just my personal likings. There is hard to be found anything, that come close to this Phanteks Enthoo case for watercoolers. Just look at this thing!

Thanks SKYMTL / Dmitri for this very nice review. There is not much products directly aimed at watercoolers. Too small market :)
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