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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
For a nice reliable long term build I would on 7970 I would say >600w (your 620 is fine) on a single or 850w for crossfire. PSU calculators are garbage. Go for antec, seasonic, corsair, or xfx and you will have a quality PSU.
Interesting comments on the value (or lack thereof) of PSU Calculators.

I guess there is no point in upgrading either of these PSU's as the 300w oldie is still working fine downstairs with the 2010 Athlon x4 system. I do have a pair of HD6670's in a box but maybe I should try selling them, and even the nVidia 9800xt.

The 620m seems to be handling the job just fine. If and when I add a second HD7970 I'll just have to factor in a new PSU into the cost of that upgrade.

Is there a way to see how much power is actually being used? In my research I see that Thermaltake promote a PSU monitoring system on their "smart" PSU's. Is there a utility or ?? where I can see just how many watts are being used at a particular moment?

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