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Oh and the article states that the GTX 260 (I assume its considering the BGF version) is more expensive... Not sure if this is only for people in the US:
The non-overclocked version of the BFG card is more expensive than the overclocked version.

But it seems to me that with the GTX260 $15 lower they would recommend it over the HD 4870.

If someone is looking for the absolute best price / performance ratio without taking warranties or trade-up programs into account, the HD4870 is still the best way to go. Period. IMO, the GTX 260 has to be a minimum of $30 cheaper than the HD4870 to compete. In this day and age many people want to use AA in their games and in this case, the HD4870 walks all over the 260 no matter which way you look at it. Granted, there are times when the 260's amount of memory takes precedence but it is only at extreme resolutions.
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