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My System Specs

Default Variations between PSU Calculators

So I've got my old 2010 system rebuilt for my wife to use and found my old PSU was shorting out so went to the cupboard and dug out an old 300 Watt unit that I had collecting dust. It is working fine. I had posted this in another thread. Old 300watt PSU I did take the advice and removed the video card and it's now running off the onboard video and is fine for word processing and surfing using that old PSU.

But now I've upgraded my video card to a HD 7970 I thought I check and see if my Antec 620m is still adequate for my main machine. And then I'd upgrade my primary system's PSU and retire the 620m to the back room PC.

The system used in this testing is my A10-5800K, HD 7970, 2 x Sata hard drives, 2 SSD's (not all ask for that) 1 blue ray, 2 USB powered devices, six case fans, two cpu fans.

What I found was a wide range of opinions from several PSU Calculators I brought up.

Entering the same data as much as possible (some asked more details like fan size, whether they are LED, etc other don't ask anything about fans) But in as much as I could I filled out the forms completely.

I thought maybe I'd buy a PSU powerful enough to allow for two HD 7970 in Xfire if I upgrade to that later.

Here is what I get told:

ASUS - 750w recommended. Xfired = 1150w

Xtreme - 437w min, 487w recommended, Xfired 583w min, 633w recommended
Coolermaster "recommended minimum" 438w, and Xfired = 601w
Thermaltake recommends 470w and 617 if Xfired. recommends 595w, Xfired = 920w recommend precisely 449.9w and adds "I highly recommend Antec TruPower Power Supplies"
BeQuiet wants me to buy their 750w or 850w PSU

So four of the seven I checked recommend between 438-470, Newegg wants to sell me a slighter bigger one at 595w. And ASUS and Bequiet recommend 750w.

So what's up with this variation of about 50% more watts for those two over the others?

Based on who asked the most questions and the fact they considered things like overclocking I'm inclined to trust Xtreme and in as much as the others (except vbutils ASUS) are in the business of selling PSU's I'd expect them to recommend more watts. Not sure what to make of ASUS because best I can figure they don't sell PSU's - so why the 50% more watt's recommended than others? Extra margin of safety? But 50% more???

Which PSU Calculator do you trust?

And what about brands and features?

Antec has been recommended to me as the best more reliable PSU, and I've been told two or more 12v rails is a good thing (my current HCG has only a single rail).

I was tempted by a Fractal Design 750w because it was on sale fo $59 at but just because they make nice cases does that qualify them as a good PSU maker?

Fort Kent, Alberta

2012 - A10 Rig
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