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Alright. So my 590 hydrocopper took a dump. Bought 2 - 7970's and waterblocks. Turns out the waterblocks don't fit. Grrrrrrrr. Both xspc and cooling configutator said these blocks would fit these cards.
Anyhoo, I'm running amd for the first time in at least 10 years (on air for now). So far so good.

Everything at stock speeds for now. I really like the way haswell clocks up and down instantly depending on load. Does it much faster and more often and to a greater degree than sandy bridge did. My G19 screen monitors all of this live.

Took and made a 20gb ramdisk (ASUS ROG ramdisk) that holds whatever game I'm playing currently plus the save games. Have another 2gb for the temp files and Google chrome cache. Makes everything really snappy! Adds some to the startup and shutdown times. But it is way cool.
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