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Question Coolant Question

I just started watercool for my rig a few weeks ago, bought most of my stuff from dazmode, and using his PROTECTOR as coolant in my loop, which contains ethylene glycol. I am wondering if this is the best choice for my watercooling components, I want them to last as long as they can, with no clogging. I have no dye in my loop and don't plan to do it (I have color tubing).

I have nickel plated acrylic EK supremacy cpu block, I have read there was problem with the old nickel plated, so I am worry if I use the wrong coolant might affect my components.

I am fully aware of the alcohol can destroy my acrylic, so I am very careful not to have them mix together when cleaning.

if I continue to use dazmode PROTECTOR (ethylene glycol), how long before I should move it out of my loop before seeing sign of stain or any type of discoloring?

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