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I think this is a good comment:
"To tell you the truth, trying to determine the performance differences between the HD4870 and the GTX 260 really comes down to a game of Russian roulette since they trade wins from one game to the next."

Also I always feel that they should compare the BGF, XFX and EVGA versions (benchmarking) just for the sake of it, if it comes out to be identical, then at least we know.

Oh and the article states that the GTX 260 (I assume its considering the BGF version) is more expensive... Not sure if this is only for people in the US:

"Unfortunately, while it is a great performer the GTX 260 still seems to be partially handicapped by its price. On average it retails for a good 10-20% more (before those pesky mail in rebates) than the competing HD4870..."

But it seems to me that with the GTX260 $15 lower they would recommend it over the HD 4870. - 294.99 - 279.99
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