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Originally Posted by Dr_BenD_over View Post
This seems odd. For years now I've run my HTPC into my TV using a DVI-HDMI adapter and had the sound go in separately via minjack-dual RCA (either from onboard sound or a Audigy 2 NX). My TV had one HDMI port that accepted audio to be provided in this fashion. I recently did and upgrade to my HTPC and switched over to a 8500GT card which has HDMI out. If I plug in the HDMI cable to the DVI port the same was as I always used to, audio works. If I plug in the HDMI directly into the card, my on board audio is getting disabled. I've had issues in the past with ATI cards that had there own HD audio that would try and hijack things, but to my knowledge, this Nvidia card doesn't have any built in audio. I'm thinking this might be HDCP type dealie, but why would it work with the DVI-HDMI adapter and then not with a direct connection.
Yes the 8500GT does HDMI audio.. so let it use it :P
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