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Well, over one month since the last post to this thread. A few significant changes to the GTX260/280 situation. They can now be had for a much better price, the card I have now, the EVGA GTX280 vanilla is currently on sale at NCIX for $454.99. That's over $200 less than the intro price. Yes, we can thank AMD/ATI for that, as they say, competition is good.
People should also be aware that XFX is offering their customers cash back if they bought the GTX 280 or 260 at the (highly inflated) introductory price.

XFX Cash Back

As you are probably aware, Thermalright is soon releasing their HR-03GTX heatsink for the GTX260/280 series. When I e-mailed their support a few weeks ago, they said it would be out in early August. I would like to see some tests with this heatsink on a 280, I will certainly be buying one as soon as they become available from NCIX.
Expect to see a review of this on HWC but as part of a GTX-series roundup along with the CoolIT GTX 200-series TEC and a few other surprises.

Would be good to see some updates to your early review of the 280 now that it has been out for a while. Looking forward to seeing how well the HR-03GTX works on these cards, for those of us without radiators and waterblocks
Well, the review of the GTX 260 will be up tonight with the new numbers for th GTX 280 with the new drivers....but the scores are nearly identical to tell you the truth.
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