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Originally Posted by trodas View Post
I tend to disagree. If the machine is unstable, it could write bad data not only to HDD (install), but also to the flash rom (flashing new bios), resulting in dead mobo. Altrought this is unlikely, I did not immediatelly consider bios flashing. At first, I would run Memtest, then GoldMemory.
Unless the machine is stable at first, I won't touch flashing at all.

Temperature of the CPU (25C) sounds fishy, unless there is some sort of extreme cooling applied, witch is hobby thing and not for uncles (not to mention pretty noisy and hard to transport).

After Memtest and GoldMemory I would start by replacing the cables to the HDD and then the HDD to some testing one.
he never suggested the machine was unstable it just wasn't unpacking the .cab files off the windows disk. Pretty hard to corrupt a bios flash unless you suffer a sudden loss of power or pull out the media containing the bios file during the install. In the many boards I have flashed over the years I have yet to brick one.

Memory is absolutely required for an initial install which is why I suggested a bios update and then new media.

Glad ya got it sorted out dude! I would still update the bios! And check the memory settings like Charlie suggested.
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