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SteamOS has a lot of hurdles to jump, primarily dev support. This is the chicken and the egg problem that every new platform faces: to get the games, you need the users. to get the users, you need the games.

It's unrealistic to expect them to achieve console-level optimization/performance on like hardware. It is also unrealistic to expect them to sell like-hardware for less.

So there's no way Steam intends to contend with mainstream consoles in the near future. But as those consoles grow long in the tooth and support for SteamOS gradually improves, it may be a disruptor in a few years.

Where it may be immediately competitive is on low-end hardware. With Dev support, a sub-$200 SteamOS machine will play a ton of very good, *cheap*, PC quality, 360-era and indie games. Indie devs tend to be more agile and hungry, so we'll probably see immediate enthusiasm from that sector.
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