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My System Specs

Red face

I would back the clear CMOS suggestion from northernpal :)
As about Asus P5Q line and caps, IIRC they used some unknown China or Taiwan brand polymer caps like "Elite", witch would bear no sign that they are failed - unless they go explode like this:
...or take Eldonko experience with it:

So all in all, if the mobo does not post after bios clearing and new (or borrowed from another PC) battery, then it is probably dead and you can donate it to the Soulessone21 project there: The MOBO Art Project

I did not write this to stress you out, but I trying to be as honest, as I can when comes to what informations I gather about those mainboards. Good luck with yours and I wish I was wrong and the mobo will start again and act like this was some sort of fluke
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