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Originally Posted by The RealRollo View Post
In the very early days of Android I liked my Blackberry because I could watch a few movies on flights and not have to carry 2-3 spare batteries.

These days they are so out of touch with reality I have to wonder if real people work there.
I am sporting a BB and an android right now... admittedly if I want toys I need a droid. I am looking for a decent way to hook the android up to my exchange... This is where the BB seems to just distroy android. Out of the box the BB just worked(no BES, just active sync to exchange), the android default apps don't do multi calendars, tasks, or contacts worth beans. Started to look around at the 3rd party apps and my head hurts with the crap out there. What are you using for your exchange setup?

As a toy the android seems great, no complaints. But if this was my primary work phone I would have chucked it at a wall by now.
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