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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
Honestly, I am heavily leaning towards making my next phone purchased based on camera as I love taking pictures and 90% of the time I don't have a camera with me, but my phone.
You should consider an average point-and-shoot camera, like Canon's ELPH series for example. It'll take photos far better than any current phone IMO (except maybe the Nokia Lumia's). A lot of these cameras fit in your pockets as easily as a phone too.

Granted I tend to hate on Apple, but I mean, everything that this iPhone 5S "features" has basically existed in Android for years before. Fingerprint scanner? Motorola Atrix had that. I mean it seems like Apple has fallen behind since Jobs passed away and now they're trying to catch up to everyone else. Rumour has it they plan to release something akin to the Galaxy Note as well now.
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