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I?m happy to hear about the larger round of job cuts at BlackBerry |

Basically what to take away from this.

The majority of the Billion Dollars lost is in write offs, not cash.
They are laying off fewer people than expect, 7000 was expected.
Layoffs are not bad, its the transition from the workforce from BBOS being layed off, not BB10 staff.
Reducing the line up to 4 phones, 2 high, 2 low, which makes sense, I'm just sad because the Z10 isn't one of them. Giant phones, grrr.

BlackBerry will be moving towards the Enterprise and Prosumer which is more or less where they belong I think. I look forward to supporting this company for years still.

Also, they won't be sold, they wont be bought piecemeal I do expect something along the lines of a partner, one that isn't immediately phone related, and once that is all sorted you will see more big companies commiting to BlackBerry as the uncertainty of their future will solidify.

And people I mean come on, BB still has a fair amount of cash, still is selling phones, they are not dead or even close to it. Its just panic that will cause the ship to sink at this point. BB10 is a solid OS and they have made 3 great devices so far with a 4th coming shortly. There is nothing to fear.
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