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I just did the very same thing recently. I first uninstalled the Nvidia drivers, then rebooted in safe mode. There I ran Driver Cleaner to remove anything Nvidia still hanging around. Rebooted back into regular XP, and then ran Crap Cleaner to clear out the registry and any Nvidia dll's. Lastly I searched the registry manually and the hard-drive, and delete any files/entries/whatever that related to Nvidia. One final reboot to start clean and then I installed the new card, and installed the ATI drivers, and everything ran fine.

If you play a lot of games, most should reconfigure themselves properly for your new hardware, but some may freak out because they were configured for your Nvidia hardware when you installed them. If this sort of thing happens, delete any config/cfg/ini files that the games use to store settings and you should be good.
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