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My System Specs


Originally Posted by fortkentdad View Post
I took a look at the 300w PSU - it is a FSP / "Sparkle Power" unit, with "noise killer" and the Radio Shack line of computers it was in was their i-next line. I googled that and was surprised. I thought with a name like "Sparkle Power" this would be a no-name cheapo - but I guess FSP/Sparkle Power is a pretty well known maker of OEM PSU that are considered good quality. Found lots of posts on forums asking if they were any good - and the replies seem to suggest they are just fine. Not top of the line but not a product to be avoided. The one that shorted was a Logisys PSU which I found are prone to exploding! And at least one sample box had a fake Bronze sticker. That one is in the garbage. Glad I found the short and decide not to try and fix it.

ANYway - I've decided to just pull the 9800 card and use the on-board video - that drops even ASUS's recommended PSU power down to 250 so the 300 should be OK. Thought maybe I don't need three fans going on that rig but changing the number of fans from four (counting the stock CPU cooler) down to two didn't change ASUS's recommended minimum power supply. 20% over minimum should be good.

AND I looked at the ASUS recommendations for minimum power if I put a HD 7950 into my rig - it says minimum should be 600 - which makes my Antec 620m barely good enough. If I go with a 7850 I am good to go with a recommended 500w minimum.

The IT tech at our office and I chatted about PSU and he recommended I look for a PSU with at least two 12v rails. My 620m is a single 12v rail unit. So, maybe I upgrade to a better PSU for my main rig and retire the 620 to the back up unit downstairs. Hmmmm. Will be watching for "can't pass it up" sales on PSU's with multiple 12v rails, modular design and at least 700w or better.
Ironically the Sparkle ones ( I think I know the one you have) we used in the Telecom industry for our BCM units, and they have about a 5-7 year lifespan. And even when they kick it, the Hardware remains intact usually. I only know because for the last two years I have steadily been replacing them in these units for Antec EW380 as they die or they reach the end of their usable life.

AS for the Power recommendation, I think a solid 600W would power that 7950 just fine. Those power calculators are garbage. I've run a 590 full tilt with a i7 and didn't draw more than 400W. I cannot see a 7950 needing more than that.


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