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I can't go into details but I will give you this post from Dailytech to go by:

I checked Tomshardware VGA chart for oblivion score. It reports that
Oblivion outdoor, 1920*1200*32, no AA, 8xAF, Max quality, HDRR manages 28 FPS

From Anh description I understand that the test was an outdoor.
While there are different outdoor areas where the performance will be different still I am not sure if the 98.4 FPS for the 8800 GTX is correct.

Looking at the numbers for 2900XTX, they seem to be very close to the 1950XTX which is difficult to believe.

For example:

Company of heroes 1280*1024:
1950 XTX 99 (tweaktown) E6600
2900 XTX 97 (dailytech) QX6800

Company of heroes 1600*1200:
1950 XTX 70 (tweaktown) E6600
2900 XTX 73 (dailytech) QX6800

FEAR 1280*1024:
1950 XTX 80 (tomshardware) No softshadow 4AA 8AF , X6800
2900 XTX 84 (dailytech) with softshadow 4AA 16AF , QX6800

FEAR 1600*1200:
1950 XTX 57 (tomshardware) No softshadow 4AA 8AF , X6800
2900 XTX 58 (dailytech) with softshadow 4AA 16AF , QX6800

In Fear the softshadows can make a big difference but in company of heroes it seems the 2900 XTX has no advantage over 1950 XTX.

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