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Default 4770K build.

4770k, Asus Maximus Hero z87 and 32gb of 2400mhz CL10 ram. I'm keeping the 590 hydrocopper until the next gen. Still using my 3 vertex 2 60gb in raid0 as they are still as fast as most modern SSD's. I'll keep them in tune with the bios secure erase feature.

I'm going to use the ROG Ramdisk mount point feature. I will mount my Windows\user folder to a 2gb ramdisk (speed up and save the SSD from all those temp writes and savegames) and whatever current game I'm playing to a 24gb ramdisk. See how well that performs. I really like the way they implemented the Rog ramdisk using a virtual disk/snapshot method where it only writes changes back to the mount point.

We'll post some benches and load times once I am done.
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