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Default Canadians pay more

Canadians are stupid. Sorry, but it's true. Our dollar was at par for a little while but it's actually worse than a deteriorating American currency. How stupid can Canadians be? Where's the so-called 'Free Trade?' What am I talking about?:

Canadians will likely pay more for new iPhones

Sorry, but, politics has to be part of this subject....alas, it plays a part whether you like it or not.

I actually like Apple/Mac stuff as far as the hardware (and software?) goes, albeit, it is "proprietary junk." But, Mac stuff works since not all computer-literate ppl buy it so it has to - and it is nicely designed. But, they still gouge people and many are suckers for being willing to pay through the nose for something 'pretty.' But, I concede, they are decent products. I would even entertain a new Mac if I was in the market for one. However, I am also a Linux user (besides Windows) so it would have to install successfully - although, maybe I could be a Mac OS convert some day? :)

I just disagree with the concept of making people overpay and price gouging plus the proprietary structure is not any better than Microsoft's strategy, imho.

Enjoy the article. :-(
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