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Originally Posted by Desiato View Post
Buying a new GPU two months before the start of a new generation of consoles is a bad idea. I think it's safe to expect a proportional increase in system requirements for the AAA PC titles that follow.

The nextgen consoles will have around 5GB of ram available for gaming purposes. Most of that will be used for art assets. I wouldn't be comfortable investing in a 2GB GPU right now.
Helped you remember saying it.

And I still say the weaksauce GPUs in upcoming consoles will have trouble pushing out games with 3GB of textures or AA sampling in play.

Someone wants to do the math on proposed specs for texture fillrate and point me at some similar current GPU running a game at 1080p with 3GB of textures in play and say "Shut up tRollo! GPUs like the one on the weaksauce consoles push around 3GB of textures all the time!", I'll recant.

People seem to think because "it's the new consoles!" they have some magic AMD dust in them and they defy all known rules of gaming.

AFAIK having access to 5GB of memory doesn't mean the GPU can use it in any real fashion, that's why you don't a $150 GPU with 6GB of VRAM, but on my Titan it could actually be used if someone ever coded for it.
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