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Originally Posted by The RealRollo View Post
I think your hypothesis has a problem.

The things that take more VRAM (E.G. textures, AA) additional GPU requirements are not going to go away "because it's the new consoles".
I don't recall suggesting that...

The new consoles still have weak sauce GPUs and you won't be seeing games using 4GB of textures or sporting native 8X AA. Job number one in consoles is smooth performance, not "Holy cow! This is photorealism!".
Actually, recent console games have been about the best image quality @ around 30FPS and have been clunky with laggy controls -- despite a fringe desire for 60FPS. They waste a lot of processing power trying to gloss over ugly textures resulting from 512MB of RAM.

Regardless of what you think of nextgen console specs, they are a massive upgrade vs the previous generation. As consoles are the basis of almost all AAA development, I think it's fair to say an improvement in console specs will increase the hardware requirements for the PC ports--which have, the past couple of years, been limited by the target platforms.

The nextgens have 5GB (unified) of gaming memory for a purpose. I expect top studios to fully exploit it. Therefore, a wait and see attitude is prudent before making a significant purchase. IMO.
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