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Originally Posted by Desiato View Post
Buying a new GPU two months before the start of a new generation of consoles is a bad idea. I think it's safe to expect a proportional increase in system requirements for the AAA PC titles that follow.

The nextgen consoles will have around 5GB of ram available for gaming purposes. Most of that will be used for art assets. I wouldn't be comfortable investing in a 2GB GPU right now.
I think your hypothesis has a problem.

The things that take more VRAM (E.G. textures, AA) additional GPU requirements are not going to go away "because it's the new consoles".

The new consoles still have weak sauce GPUs and you won't be seeing games using 4GB of textures or sporting native 8X AA. Job number one in consoles is smooth performance, not "Holy cow! This is photorealism!".


You are correct, in SLi the additional 2GB of VRAM would allow for higher levels of AA in some games.
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