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If i was you i would get a single HD4870 because

1) 9800GX2 ($400) > HD4870 ($300) > HD3870x2
but 9800GX 2 is not 33% faster than the HD4870 as indicated by the price
so that leaves the HD4870 the best performance wise
2) If you get the 9800GX2, you would want an nVidia Sli board, since you might want to SLI that the the future. nVidia boards are piece of crap. On the otherhand, if you go for the HD4870, you can get an intel board and still have the option of crossfire later on
3) Single Card is better than a double GPU card if performance is pretty much the same because double GPU cards rely on drivers and engines to run. Which IMO at the moment, is still not very good in the present. Perhaps in the future where GPUs will have physical ways of communicating with each other dual GPUs will work better or closer to 100% scaling. BUt not now

just if I were you
but you might think otherwise and thats fine too
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