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I'm a little disappointed that they still think we need it to weigh as little as possible and be as thin as possible. I'm torn on the screen size... While it is extremely nice not to have a huge phone due to the screen size, I do find it is a little cramped for space. One thing that pisses me off is the people who say it is such a minor upgrade because all it has new is the processor and fingerprint scanner. The improvements to the camera are a HUGE interest to me, and that is probably the main/only reason I'm really tempted to stick with another iPhone instead of moving off to Android or something else.

I'd be interested in a larger screen for certain, but I'm not 100% sure how large of a phone I'm fine with. I'd really like it if they just added a bit more weight + thickness to increase the batter capacity some more! As for other innovative features? I'd say they've got a lot going for them if you know how to use the features (and by ios7 wifi file sharing is a bit late...), but the problem is that it is hard as a busy consumer to know all the apps and features, etc, where the S IV likes to show off features built into the phone. Honestly, people say the S IV is so more innovative, but most of the "innovation" I see over there really is just a smoke and mirror show (I'll admit I LOVE the finger hover technology and the smart screen sounds good on paper, other than pausing videos for you).

I haven't fully made up my mind, but the camera and future-proofing of the advanced A7 has me leaning towards giving apple another go with my money. I am leaning towards the idea that this new processor will easily give the phone a fresh feeling for 3 years (although historically they seem to "cripple" models after 2 years to operate slow and make you want to buy a new one).
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