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My System Specs


I just testing the Radeon 9200 in another mainboard (rather old yet recapped suxxka - JetWay V266B - a VIA KT266A chipset, it even support SDRAMs and did not like FSB over 133MHz - it is rock stable at FSB 150, yet the IDE access become unstable, at FSB 152 no boot to Windows... gotta check if disabling 32bit access won't help a bit for faster FSB, tough) and it works just perfectly.

Not a sign of error after over 7 hours:

...and the card is only mildly warm, despite being just on the desk, with no fan around ...!!!
(But it is true, that the fps of the cube is like 33fps, witch is - sort of - minimal. Even mine AGP PNY GeForce 6800GT can go over 300fps when no other apps are running around - check the average FPS 334: View image: temperatures after 30min - so the performance level is a joke :) )

So after that overnight torture, I just run 3DMarks - the score is laughable, because the machine is laughable too - 133x11 and Thorton core? Come on...
( Slightly wrong voltages on accient JetWay V266B )

But the main point is, that the card works well and perfectly - and very very cold. It is still not even hot and it run some Duke3D demos (the Duke port, of course) nonstop.

Therefore any problems I encounter is the problem with the Soltek mainboard. I already noticed two bulging (and of them even leaking) Chemicon KZG caps, so recap is in order :o
Card is more that fine :D
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