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Should probably note that if you buy a Classified now, you won't be getting as good a memory overclock as HWCanucks did in this review. The reason for this is that theres limited availability of Samsung GDDR5 used in most review samples. The last two batches of cards have been mostly Elpida memory, and you would be lucky to hit 7000mhz on the memory clock. Not EVGA's fault about the lack of Samsung GDDR5, but still something to consider when reading reviews. This goes for the MSI Lightning aswell.
Interesting. But, I only received my sample about two weeks ago so I'm pretty sure it wasn't from the first batch. :)

SKY, besides the marketing claims from eVGA on the ACX fans with dual ball bearings, do you feel that the "12 year" durability rating on the fans will lead to a good 3 years of reliable service?
I would like to believe so but even if they don't, you have EVGA's iron-clad warranty to back you up....which does cover the fans.
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