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My System Specs


Whoa, this leave Titan in the dust

Overclockable w/o custom bios or custom cooling to 1319MHz for the core and 7426MHz for the rams? Now that is something really groundbreaking.

As for the limits, the tests in temperature clearly shows, that Asus Direct CU II cooling is better and what first overclocker is probably bound to do is to slap there two 120mm fans to keep the temperature under control. It sure means redesigning the cooling, but nothing else could have been done.
Two 80mm fans for hi-end product with incredible heat generation? Nah!

Another way to reduce the temps is to check out what caps are used and use better caps (for example, less resistance in the cap (both ESL and ESR) equals less heat generation = cooler card and VRM circuits) or even boost the caps capacitance/parameters, witch could futher increase the overclockability.
Something tells me, that they did not go for the best of the best polymer caps, but use some semi-stable grace of Taiwan made caps like these "Elites" and such we seen even exploding on Asus P5K Premium boards...

So there is only one shortcomming to the review - no peek under the hood
I would love (and maybe others too?) to see what the card looks like under the hood and also what are the chances of getting there a decent fans, like the mentioned 2x 120mm ones.

People use them on far weaker cards for long time and for good reasons:
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