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My System Specs


Wednesday: Day 3 of 7

Today was a late start. I got home from work at around 5am last night and between having something to eat, shower, etc I didnīt get to sleep till 6am. Obviously when my alarm was set to wake me up at 10am so I could continue with the project it was a bit of a "no f**ing way* so kept on sleeping for a couple of extra hours.

That said I think Iīm doing good in terms of progress. So today I started with some of the bits and bobs, like the XSPC reservoir / D5 pump combo.

I aplied the vinyl...

...and did my thing :)

So, on the top of the case thereīs a hotswap/dock bay that Iīd though Iīd give the treatment (mostly because I donīt want copper to be everywhere without wooden bits here and there).

I still have to aply the ageing process to the brass detail but, I quite like it!

Oh, I did go and buy extra copper paint, and the chasis took a grand total of 7 coats (7 COATS!!) to get a solid color on...

This is a bit of a drawback though as because of the amount of coats, it is going to take longer to be ready for matt lacquer which then has to dry itself (though that only takes about an hour) which means I canīt play with the barebone chassis till at least late tomorrow or even friday. Thankfully however thereīs not much that needs to do be done to that, so really as long as that part is ready by the time Iīm ready to put all the hardware in, it shouldnīt be an issue.

I also did some work on the frontal CM logo. Not sure if itīs obvious in the photos but I did slightly overlap the letter borders in order to exagerate them so they look "curvier", not sure if that makes sense? Also, as you will see, my "fix" didnīt hold :( I canīt say Iīm surprised, the amount of epoxy left on it after sanding was minimal in order to keep the shape, so Iīm thinking some superglue and of course the preassure of the bay components will keep it in place.

Oh and hereīs something really special...


So yes, so far I think itīs been the most fun day of the 3 so far for me, though my hands are full of inks of several tones which are extremely hard to get rid off!

And well, thatīs it for the third of the seven days of this Mod in a Week, as always I hope youīre enjoying keeping track of it and hope you come back for more tomorrow!
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