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My System Specs


Tuesday: Day 2 of 7

Most of todayīs avaliable time I dedicated to pretty much sanding the case down. Normally on a new case that hasnīt got a glossy finish I wouldnīt bother to much about this but since a large portion of the case imitates copper in this design it needs to be as smooth as possible so this was needed. That however is boring so Iīm going to show you the rest of what I did today.

I finished yesterdayīs side panel (for now, still missing the window and a couple of details), as in, added the final lighter coats of the ageing process and attached the brass details to which I had also aplied the ageing.

Once that was fully dry I put it away safely for now (canīt afford any accidents!).

After all that (very) tedious sanding, cleaned it all up and aplied a good coat of primer to both the top section and the chasis.

Oh and, I fixed the damage caused by the shipping of the case! I like to think it came out quite well, time constraints and all considered.

And for the last 2 hours of todayīs avaliable time, I aplied a few coats of the copper. Itīs amazing how many more coats the chasis needs in comparison to the plastic bits, I actually ran out of paint, so, need to get some more tomorrow!

It goes without saying that the copper will be aged as well, canīt have none of that new shinyness here!

And thatīs it for the second of 7 days in this Mod in a Week project, I hope you keep on reading tomorrow, now I need a shower, get something to eat and go to my "other" job :(
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