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Question wireless router questions

So I got a new internet service (10 Mbps download speed) and they sent me a ZyXel PK5001Z modem and wireless router. Previously all I have had is a modem and added my own wireless router (and somebody else set it up so I have never actually set one up).

I bought an Asus RT-AC66U wireless router (on sale that I thought I was going to need) that I want to use since the ZyXel only seems to be rated for 300 Mbps and the Asus is up to 1750 Mbps.

RT-AC66U - Networking - ASUS

So how do I make the ZyXel act like a modem and the Asus act like the wireless router? Anyone got a step by step guide for me?

Or should I just forget it because I live in America with some of the slowest internet download speeds in the whole world and an AC router is wasted on me and I already got the ZyXel working and I can hit the web so I should forget it, go grab a beer, and watch some youtube videos before messing everything up.
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