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My System Specs


Monday: Day 1 of 7

Ok so Iīve spent most of the day going through a selectiong of DIY, and random accesories shops scouting potential parts, details, etc just as I did with the original APASF project. Remember while this has a Steampunk basis, it also has a touch of post-apocalyptic (APASF: A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Future) so, anything I find I have to be able to make it look really old and thrown about.

Of course I also went to my usual paint supplies store and bought all I needed. All in all, around 5 hours where spent doing all this.

Once I got home, I found the first catastrophic event. Something thatīs happened to all of us at one point or another, the delivery "service" throwing our packages about, which in this case meant a damaged CM 690 II...

Unfortunately I do not have the time to send it back and get a replacement. Fortunately itīs only the removable faceplates and the "chrome" border that seems damaged as far as I can tell. The faceplates I do not care about as all 4 frontal bays will be occupied. The chrome border Iīm thinking about a bit of epoxy, sanding down and they will be painted over aniway. Just glad it wasnīt as bad as it couldīve been!

So, not the best start huh?

Aniway. the rest of the evening I dedicated exclusively to one of the side panels. I will be adding a window of sorts so I had to cut those grills out, not fully though or it wouldnīt leave to much border at the top. So I got my dremel and started to "play" (Safety notice: please do not play with dremels! :S)

All cleaned up. Itīs time for the vinyl. I couldnīt find the one I used on the original APASF project so found a close second, itīs quite darker but I do like that itīs not plain like the other one, itīs actually got a rugged surface which adds to the effect.

So, I cut up the right size and aplied it to the side panel:

Being a darker colour it doesnīt allow me to play as much as Iīd like to with shades on my ageing effects but I got through the first stage of it which are the darker shades:

A couple more coats of the lighter effect inks need to be aplied to it before Iīm happy with it but itīs starting to get that old, rugged wood look.

As a bit of a preview, here are some of the details Iīll be adding, pre-ageing of course (clean brass right now and we canīt have that).

And thatīs it for the first of 7 days in this Mod in a Week project, I hope you keep on reading tomorrow!

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