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My System Specs

Smile New Build

Ok, as much as I hate to report bad news, it must be done...

Pulled mobo to send in, on to my 3rd board from this RMA. Just b4 I did that I ran a few benches and kept getting cpu fan error.

As I was looking over the unit bcuz it was also noisy, bad brg in fan, I saw 1 loose wire hanging from the fan harness. Looks like it was hanging on by a single wire or 2 for a bit. So as I'm looking at it in the magnifying glass, the wire next to

it falls out!

So that's 1 bad SSD, 3 bad mobos( of which 1 still has to go in for the 1st time) and now a bad fan brg and faulty wire harness for the Kraken X60!!!

I think this has got to be the worst upgrade ever!

To console myself I bought a new ROG EX IV which should get here this week. Hopefully b4 the rma board comes so I can get mine running.

I can use another system to test the mobo. The other good news is that the deals I got on here saved enough to cover the costs of that board.$200 instead of $400+taxes for the PSU-1500w CoolerMaster, and bought the bnib mobo for

$380 instead of $430+taxes.

Next, get a grenade( hopefully NOT faulty) and toss it in the room with that pc.

If that doesn't fix it I can borrow a trusty 20lb sledge and do some serious modding...

When I get it back online "Someone's gonna get hurt REAL BAD!"

Oh and btw if anyone can sacrifice a lowly pc to the PC gods it would b appreciated. Might not help but it can't hurt!

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