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My System Specs


The only reason XP lasted this long was because people got upset about Vista(I used Vista SP0 btw, it was fine for the most part.)

Windows XP is twelve years old. It is quite outdated in every possible way. It certainly sounds like we are actually at the point where /current/ hardware is not reliably coming with XP drivers. Reliably being the key word.
How about this as a thought for XP users in general: 32bit XP does not support GPT. If you want lots of storage such as a drive larger than 2TB you either go MBR third party software and partitions, or 64bit Vista or newer and GPT. Or do not use third party software and be limited to 2TB per drive. Granted most would just put up with a bunch of partitions despite the inconvenience.

Car manufacturers do not refuse to service old cars because they can make money selling you new-old-stock parts&labour and maintaining brand loyalty. MS does not charge for the service packs and your OS is significantly cheaper than a car.
Look at it this way: IIRC $8.4 per month is $500 after five years, plenty for windows on a couple rigs. Or in the case of running XP for twelve years that is about $1200. Much more than one consumer copy of windows per decade. If you spent $200 on a copy of windows each 12 years that is what? $1.4 per month? So tell me how microsoft is evil and stealing all of everybody's money.. It is sounding like that money is well spent considering how critical an OS is to a PC. And at such a cost supporting that OS for lets say twenty years is a very expensive deal for Microsoft. Unless you wanted to pay for that extended support contract like some enterprise-grade operating systems. That, however, is not even close to cheap.

Back on the previous tangent..... Safety recalls on cars are for life(or as long as the parts last), as far as I remember. Though any other non-safety recall program has an end date and will not last forever.
Also, plenty of cars get wrecked or wear out, your Windows license does not expire.

Nobody is saying people have to buy each new OS either. We are not going to complain if you went and used Windows 7 now that Windows 8 has come out. Personally, I would not even complain if you upgraded to Vista from XP.

Vista will get security updates into 2017, Windows 7 is January 2020.

For someone like myself, between wanting to use multiple 4TB+ HDDs and wanting 4GB+ RAM and wanting security updates and all that other good stuff there is just no room for XP installed on a primary computer. Older period appropriate hobby computer, sure.

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