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Default ADM 9xxx GPU's built on 28nm architecture?

I read the following:
AMD to reveal Radeon HD 9000 flagship GPU next month, slashes 7990 prices | Games industry news | MCV

...which started me digging a little. And lo and behold, I find numerous articles churning the rumor mill that Hawaii will be released in late September on the 28nm architecture...

I'm sorry if this is old news to everyone but me... but I'm confused. I don't understand what the strategy is here by AMD if this is accurate? With nVidia pretty much guaranteed to launch it's next platform early to mid next year on the 22nm architecture, AMD is setting themselves up to be behind the 8-ball. It also makes me wonder what they are going to be revealing as new technology on the 28nm that constitutes an entirely new lineup of cards?

Again... sorry if this is old news, but it's left me scratching my head.
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