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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Yes but a small alteration would go a long way. :)

For example.. I have the P630...

The Back IO led's are on some kind of digital switch and turn on when I start the system... this is annoying. If I wanted a night-light I'd have gotten the 820.
The HDD caddies apart from being a lil flimsy(the older ones) are a PITA. terrible, terrible design.
I like that I can take the sides off easily.. I just wish the top and bottom of the panel was actually attached, My 24 pin has a kink I just can't get out and is causing the side to be slightly misaligned.
The grommeted cut-outs are too close to the side of the board, Cannot use them for my Sata3 or USB3 ports.
Top panel plastic is a bit flimsy.. maybe add a stiffener? though this one is really nit-picking
Thumb screws for the expansion slots would go a long long way.

What would be REALLLY good is if there were a way to lay-out the top so that in addition to the 200mm fan you could fit a 120mm rad (thinking AIO's) though this might mean replacing the fan with a ~180mm instead

Something I feel the market needs and I think NZXT could excel at is much better Front I/O design. it's very overlooked and hard to get right but I think that with the range of cases you have in the various styles and features..
A well thought-out front I/O would give you a massive advantage over corsair, CM, Fractal, bitfinx etc.

Things like the back IO light are great great idea's.. We want more.. keep it coming. and maybe try a larger beta to see what people think of how your implementing things..
again with the light as an example, an on or off button or off by default/choice would have helped the implementation a massive amount.

P.S, I hope you see this for what it is... Constructive criticism. I love the case but there is always room to improve and the more NZXT do the bigger their market share will get. Keep up the good work.

I take it all as that, Constructive Criticism. All I can do is provide the feed back, to the design team and we can try to work on it. I think you guys will like some of the newer stuff coming out down the line. I sure do.
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