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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I'm going to try to add my log file and config as an attachment (gotta look at the config to see if there are any passwords.... I don't remember using one.....)

Attachment 317

That's both my current log and the cfg file. I'm guessing by looking at it that the "nobigpackets=yes" might be the problem you were talking about?

It's weird as my point score is going up, even though the log hasn't acknowledged uploading the WU, and in fact keeps trying.

Any ideas?
I think your problem might be that you said yes to using IE connection settings.

If that is your current client.cfg it has never been updated with a completed wu count so this client hasn't turned in the 2 completed wus shown in the log. This is also consistent with the log. You have over 3000 points queued.

You can rerun the config by using the -configonly switch on the command line. Stop the client first. Make a shortcut to the client exe and add " -configonly" to the end of the target string. Note you need a blank before the -.

It will take you through the prompts again with your current settings being the defaults.

To test that uploading now works, create another shortcut with just the " -send all" switch.
Once you launch it, it will try to send all queued wu's and then stop and hopefully will give you a thankyou message and increment the # of wu's completed.

Hopefully you can get your first one in before you hit the deadline.

Do you still have your gpu folding? Or another rig going? or someone else is folding under your id.

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