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I think this article attempts to answer two different questions with the same answer.

The first question asks whether or not Crossfire is beneficial. We already know from other tests that its impact is less than FPS indicators would suggest. There are several articles on other sites that do a better job of analyzing this issue.

The second question asks what level of performance is actually necessary. The answer to this is highly subjective based on the game and audience. Competitive gaming has proven that performance does matter, but is the average consumer discerning enough to tell the difference? In my experience, no.

I expect performance to continue to take a back seat as the current outgoing generation of consoles has shown that the average gamer of 2013 doesn't put a high priority on smooth, low latency gameplay.

I tend to think the average gaming consumer doesn't even enjoy playing games. I think this is why they have become so easy. It seems the average gamer likes to 'go through' a game. As and youtube playthroughs become more popular, more people also become more candid about that.
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