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Well I re-read the article and this time set my Youtube to the new HTML trial settings so I could see the split screen video's as they were intended to be viewed. Maybe I'm in denial, or these old eyes are not what they used to be, but I found it very hard to tell the difference between any of the views. If I were to view that split screen video test before buying my video card I would have just stuck with the A10 APU alone because I don't think the improvements would be worth $75 or $120 for the video cards.

So now this does leave me wondering if I wasted $75 on a gpu I did not need?

I will need to do some testing of my own and run games with dual graphics enabled and off. I don't think I'll be bothered to go in and removed my video card just to see what it is like with the APU alone - Besides removing the card (or at least disabling it in the control panel somewhere) I'd have to reconnect my three monitors to the motherboard's video outputs. But I can easily compare the dual-graphics enabled mode on and off, this just a setting in Catalyst. Then I can see if these old eyes can make out any difference and not just go by the FRAP's report. I do not have a video capture card so I can't save the results for others to see.

On the other hand it does make me really reconsider whether there is any advantage to upgrading to a 7750 card ( actually been thinking the 2GB versions of either the 7770. 7850 or 7870, price range $125-200). I find it interesting that despite what AMD says you can link the 7750 to the APU in dual-graphic mode (not that it makes much difference according to that review). I'd love to see the results of this APU paired with an 7850/70 2GB card - I wonder if that allows for increased video detail settings.

The X-Plane 10 flight sim does not take advantage of crossfire and wants as much v-ram as it can get - I do find that I have to dim down the video settings a little to get smooth video in flight and the upgraded card might be a distinct advantage. But as I said I could hardly see any advantage in the playback, they all looked similar to these old eyes so would it make any difference?

Anyway - very interesting article. Be very interested in AMD's reply because if this is true then has AMD been pulling the wool over our collective eye's? I'm thinking there has to be another side. Wish AMD would post a rebuttal with evidence.

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