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Originally Posted by no_pulse View Post
From what I've read, those that were getting 110c temps with their GTX 280, RMA'd at least 3 times before they got one that ran 80c. So it could be a poor design of the cards.
I wonder if this has to do with the problems NVIDIA are facing right now and the over $200 millions left aside to deal with a massive circulation of defective GPUs - Apparently it affects mostly notebook GPs but also desktop too, and NVIDIA hasn'T revealed exactly which ones are affected however the problem was related to those chips was thermal and that they overheated ! From what I heard, NVIDIA will release a driver to have those chips running lower or fans higher at default, I'll have to check on that. Meanwhile if you have these chips, try running your fan speeds to 100%, noise is not an issue because during gameplay the noise overpowers any fans in your system - running at 100% should bring temps down. 100C while hotter than it should, still is a safe temp, although I wouldn't recommend running this for long periods, <115C you are fine - and some people have run it hotter too. Personally I'd keep them <100C so unless you are gamign 24/7, I wouldn't worry about running your GPU at those temps for short periods of time - problem is that the fan speed is optimized for noise rather than temperature. It's frustrating that NVIDIA is not making public the exact revisions and models of those GPUs affected.
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