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Default Corsair HX850 and sli 770's?

I just got an i7 3930 up and running and I'm half toying with the idea of a pair of 770's, I don't really need them, but I haven't played with an SLI setup in a while, not since my last GTX460's, and it was 8800's before that, and 6800's before that, so given what I'm now seeing as a trend of skipping generations between SLI setups, I think it might be that time again for absolutely no legitimate or practical reason

I'm looking over some reviews, and depending which one I look at, because the numbers vary, I'm thinking my HX850 might be border-lining the requirements, or at least new the bare minimum.

Although this one shows the requirements to be closer to 600w, so since I'm not overclocking, I'm 98.6% positive I'm safe, just looking for opinions
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