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My System Specs


Originally Posted by BrainEater View Post
Cheers !

That's exactly how I learned that lesson the first time. The second time I learned it was when AS5 shorted a mobo out.....At that point I did my own tests , and a whooooole buncha reading.

You CAN use cheese.Or peanut butter.Both contain oil which is an effective TIM.

Here's the secret about T.I.M. for computers ;It's basically all hype !

There are 10,000x more commercial electronic components with higher heat density than CPU's , and none of them use anything more than commercial heat paste like the MG stuff.There is a reason for that.

Hi Baineater,

I am going to go buy it tomorrow or day after, as there are about 3 stores in Ottawa that carry it. I am trying to read about it more, is non electric conuctive?
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