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Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
MM decides games when it pits 5 more T10s on one team than the other, but that only happens once in a long while.

Otherwise if you're a good player, and you know where to position your tank to carry the team, you'll come out victorious most of the time especially when platooned
Why are you carrying the team? Sometime it's necessary, but at Tier 10? It seems to me, that you've learned to take advantage of poor matchmaking.

I've chatted with many people about the MM and several have stated that the fairest MM comes about in Tier 10 and sometimes Tier 9 simply because it doesn't go any higher. However, playing Tier 9 and 10 works to WarGaming's advantage because of the cost (unless sponsored).

Note: I don't have anything higher than T8 - sold my T9 as too costly to maintain.
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