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Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
Matchmaker is retarded but doesn't decide a game, it's only the really awful players that don't carry their weight that kill the matches.
Disagree - MM does decide games in many instances, as does having bad players but that's what the MM does; match up a good player with bad players. I've seen too many cases of 10 or more lemmings going one way where one or two players can't really defend the base well on many maps. Often enough 2 of us in a platoon (with TeamSpeak) will be in the top 3 or 4 scorers (damage and/or kills) and we still lose.

In your example (great game!) of 9 kills, you actually carried the team making up for the deficiency - you had 7 players on your side that did ZERO damage. I had a game with 9 kills as an arty (most in TD mode) and we still lost.

A guy and his girlfriend made new accounts. Played intentionally bad. Kept an accurate record of scores, they always got matched with good players and won more games. Next time you buy a new tank, watch the match ups you get. Once you get the Master Gunner badges, you'll see the changes in the line up. I really believe that the Master Gunner badges are flags for the MM. Same with arty. An arty with Master Gunner will get stuck on the worst arty maps. New (unproven) arty will get better maps and be higher in the lineup tier.

I am seeing a lot of 5 minute or less games where one team just rolls over another - win or lose, most those are not good games IMO.
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