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My System Specs


strange thing happens ever since I went from my AMD to i5 build I was getting on very rare occasions I was getting "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" then for the past few weeks it would happen an average twice a day usually when I was using Firefox web browser I tried everything I could think of to fix this coming very irritating error. so yesterday after figuring out that I myself forgot to install the onboard graphics driver was able to install the software only now I am getting this exact same error while playing firefall Beta it must have happened 5 timers yesterday while gaming buit it hasn't happened while webbrowser at least so far.
Now back to the subject I havn't noticed any difference in performance while gaming accept for the Display driver has stopped responding which would totally freeze my PC and was sometime recoverable if I could alt tab to my desktop to see the error popup or I would have to do a hard restart . I also have the virtual vsync enabled and added the game to the applications list I am going to turn of the virtual vsync to see if that makes any difference if there is no change I just might unistall it since it is only seems to be using ram and cpu power lol
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