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My System Specs

Red face

MacJunky - indeed they cost more that the HW itself is worth, but I like to have done things properly (even costy). Just working on putting a Accelero S1 rev. 2 on PNY GeForce 6800GT AGP

So, since the card still show certain (shown above) quirks in graphic, I decided to fix it by finishing the recap of the bigger caps. It also started even blacking out the image, when on website there is a flash or some moving animation... So it looks like that the card is dying (at least from this point of view).
So I choosen replacement caps to be Nichicon FP polymers, with little capacity bump when possible - they got amazing ripple currents - 5700mA and even 6100mA for the d10 ones:

Gigabyte Radeon 9200 (GV-R9264DH)
3x 1000uF 6.3V Nichicon HM d8 - 5x Nichicon FP 1000uF 6.3V d8 ( 493-4024-1-ND)
2x 470uF 10V Nichicon HC d10 - 2x Nichicon FP 1000uF 6.3V d10 ( 493-3710-ND)
1x 100uF 16V GSC d5 - Rubycon LZH 100uF 16V d5 ( 1189-1148-ND)
9x 100uF 10V TEAPO d5 - Panny 150uF 6.3V d5 ( P12917-ND)

So todays I finally soldered them into my card. I filled even the two empty spaces, however I choosed a d8 caps and there is the holes for d10 cap, so these caps are a bit higher over the board then... But it still looks pretty nicely, at least I think so?

There are the little d8 Nichicon FP polymer near ram:

Two empty spaces are no longer empty:

All these nice polymers in one shoot:

...and a detail view of the two "main" d10 1000 FP Nichicon polymers, where are before questionable and only 470uF caps, maybe real Nichicons, but who knows?

And results? Well, the card is working, the blacking of the image stop, however the quirks are still there. Just use ATItool and the monitor turn completely black, when the rotating box should appear...
So it looks like the primary cause had to be searched in the mainboard Soltec KT600-R and w/o exchange of caps on it we did not get any far with it.
This is unfortunate.
Why most of the hardware is have bad caps? :(
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