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Originally Posted by NSdeadly1 View Post
And what's wrong with the Anandtech review? I see absolutely nothing wrong with anything they said in that article. They actually gave it pretty decent praise and said there were very few things to complain about other than the cover plate being in the way of graphics cards and the front fans being slightly restricted.
Where do I begin?

The fact they used a chassis MEANT for custom watercooling and put low end, budget hardware and aircooling in it? The awful photography with reflections of the guy's lunch.... The complaint that it "cost a lot." The rats nest of wiring the reviewer had. The GPU isn't restricted, there's a few mm between it and the front plate. The front plate is designed for reservoirs, and if you don't like it, you remove it. As far as air restriction, it's pretty much a myth. Air is all around us, it's even in the ventilation areas and it's got opening on both sides, the front, and the bottom for air intake on the front panel.

If you're going to get and review an enthusiast grade chassis, that's designed for watercoolers, then you need to review it as such and give it the attention to detail it deserves, not just throw your crap in there.
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