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Been back playing it for a while. Some very good things added. WarGaming said they were fixing the MatchMaker...

However, the MatchMaker still doesn't work well. I got a new tank and as the Mastery Badges got higher, the tank was being placed lower by the MatchMaker; ironically, the better the tank and crew the worse it did a lot of the matches. Same thing on the next new tank. Then I recalled that WarGaming's game design was aimed at keeping a 50/50 win/loss ratio. So I did some searching. Turns out that WarGaming actually have a US Patent on this - something to keep us inline with their game play philosophy and design.

Z's world of warfare blog: WoT's matchmaker is rigged - the proof

So while the game can be fun, half the battle isn't the other team, it's the MatchMaker. The games that bother me most are the 4-5 minute massacres, both win and lose; neither are really fun. And I'll be happy when that 30 kill bonus is finished; too many people are more interested in the kills than finishing a game.
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