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My System Specs

Red face

lowfat - thank you :) I trying my best

Small caps arrived, so - time for recap! Instead of Teapo and GSC, now there are Panny FM & Rubycon LZH caps:

And it is no wonder, that the Teapos did not make it. Well, they are almost 2x smaller that Panasonic! (Teapo 100uF 10V, Panny 150uF 6.3V) And who ever seen, that some Teapo company, notoriously known to produce bad caps, can made 2x smaller cap that Panasonic can :D

And now is the time for some stability testing :) Yet - still the very same graphic quirks are there:

Replacing only small caps are obviously not enought, of the Nichicons are fake?
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